It’s not uncommon for all sorts of topics and mental images to come up during casual conversation, and they can lead to some interesting places if followed. I was having a chit-chat recently when a brief mention was made about the sawdust-type absorbent used by schools to clean up…let’s call them organic spills. I hadn’t thought about that stuff in years, and that fact alone is usually enough to arouse my curiosity. I did a quick search for what the product is called and how it works. The top search result was a discussion forum which was both a conversation about using sawdust for this application and a testament to the wondrous random workings of the human brain. Here are some actual excerpts for your enjoyment.

                “Many types of wood shavings have strong scents.”


                “Very absorbent + very cheap + plentiful + good smell (depending on wood) = great vomit cleaner-upper”


     “If saw dust is used for the smell thing, why isn’t it used to clean up poop then?”


    “Sawdust works as an absorbent, and an oder [sic] coverer. A pile of shit with sawdust on top isn’t very useful.”


“It might make a good fire starter.”


  “How flammable is something like dog shit?”


You crack me up, humanity. Don’t go changin’.

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