Odd Questions

If you interact with people long enough, you’re bound to be asked some odd-sounding questions. Here are a few I’ve experienced recently.

“Have you ever thought about moving to Russia?”

This was one of those random questions that seemed to come out of nowhere during a conversation. I generally find randomness hilarious, so I laughed before going on to answer the question. I’ve never thought about moving to Russia, but I did get invited to participate in a student exchange program when I was in school. I remember going to the information/orientation session and it scared the shit out of me. Outside of a beautiful picture of the Kremlin, the whole thing was basically a talk on a frighteningly oppressive government accompanied by scenes of a wintery wasteland. It gave me the impression that I’d be spending several months eating beet rations and living under the constant threat of being sent to dig holes in a frozen hellscape if I did or said something wrong. Rather than pique my interest in visiting a foreign country, the presentation garnered a hearty HELL NO and a quick exit.

“Are you the manager here?”

I was asked this by a friendly stranger in a local pub where I was playing trivia. I told him I wasn’t, and he replied, “Well you look like you could be.” I smiled and thanked him, taking it as a compliment despite not knowing exactly what he meant by it. But hey, there was beer involved and nobody is going to deliver a sonnet after they’ve had a few pints. Especially not if it’s good beer. It has only been in the past few years that I’ve really become comfortable in my own skin, just being myself without feeling the need to try to impress anyone. I’ve learned what it is to be confident without being arrogant. It hasn’t changed my personality, but it has changed the way I carry myself. I’d like to think the gentleman in the pub picked up on that and that’s what prompted the question. It probably had way more to do with it being an unusually warm evening and me being the only guy in the place who wasn’t wearing cargo shorts and sandals. But I’ll take what I can get.

“Is it normal to be sexually attracted to a video game character?”

This was another one that came out of nowhere. Much to the surprise of no one, it was a guy who asked me this. That’s not to say there are no girl gamers or that girl gamers can’t be sexually attracted to game characters. But I would just about guarantee that you pictured a guy asking that question after you read it. (Side note: girl gamers are hot. Just saying.) Characters in modern video games, depending upon the art style of the game, are usually rendered quite realistically. Their movements and facial expressions are incredibly lifelike, and the voice acting is generally quite good. All of these elements combine to infuse the character with a distinct personality. If you like the way they look, move, and sound, all it takes is a little hormone surge to spark sexual arousal. I think that applies to any visual or mental stimulus whether artistic or real-life. The guy who asked this is also attracted to real-life girls and not exclusively hand-drawn or CGI ones. As long as he isn’t printing her likeness on a body pillow and taking it on dinner dates, I don’t think it’s a big deal.

When I was a kid, I loved watching Thundarr the Barbarian and I remember having a major thing for Princess Ariel at one point. I think it was a combination of the caramel-skinned Asian exotic look and the tight blue one-piece. Of course I preferred real-life girls, but there’s nothing wrong with appreciating a little animated brown sugar.


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