Tuesday Potpourri

  • I’ve never understood what’s actually dramatic about the “drama” people complain about having in their lives. You’re spending too much time and energy on people who are assholes. Stop doing that. It’s not a complicated plot.
  • Facebook stalking essentially means looking at someone’s profile and viewing the information they’re letting you look at anyway.
  • The aforementioned drama people also tend to complain about having Facebook stalkers. I’m not sure whether they get that notion from the mistaken assumption that they’re interesting or a misunderstanding of what privacy settings are.
  • People have told me that they know who is Facebook stalking them, and they found out by Facebook stalking that person. This usually leads to a vague, passive-aggressive post designed to make people angry and start drama, followed by complaints about all the drama. It’s like being in the studio audience at a Jerry Springer show.
  • Aspire to be Facebook stalked by smarter, classier people.

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