Mixed Bag

Some people get really swept up in Valentine’s Day. Women form high expectations about an extremely romantic evening and what is essentially Second Christmas for Ladies. Men make last-minute calls to florists and “this oughtta shut her up” extravagant gift choices to smooth over their general lack of effort. Some people lament their singlehood with Facebook posts of sappy quotes and references to Nicholas Sparks books. Other single people internalize their sadness by internalizing several pounds of chocolate while watching movies based on Nicholas Sparks books. Still other single people rant about Valentine’s Day being superficial and manufactured by some shadowy alliance between greeting card, chocolate, and jewelry companies. They also boldly proclaim how they don’t need a relationship to validate them or make them happy. These are the same people who lose all sense of personal identity when someone shows interest in them. Then they start posting Nicholas Sparks quotes.

I get a kick out of the various reactions people have to Valentine’s Day. It’s interesting because it’s different from other holidays. People are generally nicer around Christmas…outside of retail purchase situations. People are generally reflective around Thanksgiving, especially about which type of casserole to prepare. People are generally more playful around Halloween. It’s great that the month of October features pranks and creative ways of scaring the shit out of each other. Plus it’s hard to have a stick up your ass when you’re putting together a Halloween costume. Unless you’re going as a popsicle or some other thing which would feature a stick up your ass as part of the costume concept. Valentine’s Day doesn’t really seem to draw out these types of reactions. Sure, people who normally don’t even know what romance is may put some effort into it for a day. But let’s be honest, that’s just a means to an end. It makes the obligatory sex seem a bit less obligatory. Generally, Valentine’s Day just doesn’t seem to bring out the best in people.

But hey, it’s not my place to tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t do about this kind of thing. If you’re happy in a loving, mutually respectful relationship, good for you. If you’re miserable in a toxic relationship but find it easier and more convenient to stay miserable, do your thing. If you’re hanging all your hopes on the prospect of some magical relationship that will make you happy and fix everything you don’t like about your life, good luck with that. If you’re content to fiercely declare your lack of desire for human intimacy while knowing you’re lying your ass off about that, be my guest.

Or if you take life as it comes, feeling that need for human contact but keeping it balanced and not trying to force anything, feel free to join me for 75% discounts on chocolate and an avoidance of Nicholas Sparks or anything else that would make you want to stick your head in the oven.

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