Branching Out

There are people who make all kinds of money at online publishing. I’m not one of those people. I’m very green and I’m figuring things out as I go. I don’t do a lot of in-depth research on developing a marketing strategy for my personal brand,¬†whatever the hell that is. I’m just enjoying the creative outlet and the connections with you guys that come with it. A couple of likes makes me feel like John Grisham.

I’ve had an author page on Facebook since I initially published¬†Human, and I haven’t paid that much attention to it. With the decreased organic reach on Facebook and their emphasis on paid post promotion, I honestly haven’t been motivated to do much with it. I’ve even considered closing it down so I don’t have to bother with it. But it does provide a space where it feels more natural to interact on a personal level, so I’m keeping it for that reason.

I’m friendly and outgoing, but I’m also very reserved about sharing my personal thoughts and feelings. It may not seem like that now because I’ve been intentionally working on being more forthcoming. Not pretending to be something I’m not or putting my best foot forward to impress, but simply being myself more openly. I have a hand in several different creative endeavors, but writing is the one which is the most personal for me. The responses and interactions here have been very enjoyable, and that has been immensely encouraging to me. Thank you for helping me in my personal growth without even knowing you were doing that. That’s quite a talent you’ve got there. You’re good.

The author page is right here, so feel free to swing by and don’t be shy.

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