Things have a way of balancing out. Despite all the current election hoopla, I’ve managed to maintain that people aren’t complete dumbasses as a rule. Some are aggressively stupid, but most people generally get it and just want to go about their business without putting up with a lot of crap. I can deal with that. No problem.

Then I ran across a post which read, “If we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?” It was posted as a real objection to evolutionary theory. Not ironically, and not fifteen years ago. I didn’t have enough hands for all the facepalms. I don’t care whether someone accepts evolution or not. But if you’re going to object to something, don’t throw bumper sticker clichés at it and think you’ve made a point. All you’ve done is announce to everyone, “I make fun of things I don’t understand instead of learning about them because I like reinforcing my personal biases more than discovering things about the world. Also, my ancestors banged storks and I high-five my friends when I see a dually driving down the road.”

And just like that, my faith in humanity dropped precipitously and my surly equilibrium returned. See? Things have a way of balancing out.


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