Thanks, Webster

Whenever I sit and ponder the deep mysteries of the universe like “is chili a soup or a stew”, there are times when a word will pop into my head that I haven’t heard or read in a long time. When that happens, I try to use the word at least once or twice over the next few days. It isn’t always easy. For example, it’s hard to work recalcitrant┬áinto a casual conversation without sounding like a moron or an asshole. Or a moronic asshole.

Recently, obstreperous popped into my head but I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. Part of the reason is my desired avoidance of assholery, but it’s mainly because I had forgotten exactly what the word means and I’ve been too lazy to do five seconds of research for a reminder. Merriam-Webster to the rescue. I opened this morning’s Word of the Day email, and to my mild delight, obstreperous is the word of the day. Thanks, cosmic lords of vocabulary.

Now that I’m reminded of what it means, I still probably won’t use it. It’s just more fun to call someone an asshole instead.

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