Mundane Discoveries

I’ve discovered a couple of things lately. One is that I bristle when I hear someone say they “may or may not” have done something. That irritates the hell out of me. Not in a rage-inducing kind of way, but rather in a cringe-and-think-“Stop saying that, dammit” kind of way. Of course you may or may not have done it. Those are the only two possibilities. So which is it? Did you flip off the Walmart cashier or didn’t you? If you’re trying to create suspense, stop it. This is not the sort of story that needs a cliffhanger ending.

The other discovery is that my ear piercing hasn’t grown over. It’s a regular piercing on my ear lobe, not an enormous gauged hole that a potted plant could fit through or anything. My daughter handed me her earrings to hold, so I decided to try to put one of them in. Sure enough, it went all the way through with no problem. So now I guess I can wear a real hoop when I dress as a pirate, which happens ALL THE TIME, trust me. Or I could start wearing one on a daily basis and really nail that guy-who’s-trying-way-too-hard-to-appear-edgy look.

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