Winter Is Good

I like cold weather. Part of the reason is because I’m hot-natured and it just feels more comfortable to me. Give me a couple of blankets and a room where it’s cold enough to hang meat, I’m a happy guy. There’s another thing I really enjoy about cold weather: women wearing turtlenecks. There’s just something alluring about them. I like the way they accentuate the female form. They can be dressed up or down. A turtleneck and jeans is relaxed, playful…and hot as hell.

I also like the way the long neck draws attention to what’s on top. It showcases the hair and the smile, which are the first two things I notice. Not the only two, of course. But certainly the first two. Hey guys, you’re going to have to look her in the eyes and actually talk to her face eventually. Do yourself a favor and start there. It’s a great place to be.

Turtlenecks are the bikinis of winter. In a manner of speaking. Okay, that was a horrible metaphor. What can I say? I’m distracted…

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