Subtlety and Subtweets

Subtlety is a fun part of conversation. I especially like it when it’s part of a phone call or face-to-face interaction. There are more cues like vocal tone and inflection as well as all the nonverbal stuff. I like having those extra pieces of information. Let’s be honest, everything is a potential double entendre (and I’m cool with that). One needs to be able to pick up on those strategically¬†understated cues and to slyly kick the can a little further down that road. Those extra data points make that much easier to do. That smoothness takes conversations down fun and hilarious side trails, and it avoids the awkward silences and weird looks that come¬†from just blurting things out like “Bread sticks?¬†More like bread dicks!”

Without that extra information, things can get really embarrassing really quickly. Subtweets are a rich source of potential atomic facepalms, especially when the wording is easily applied to yourself. I’ve made the mistake of reading a subtweet and responding directly only to be greeted with “what’s up, Buddy McFrienderson?” I still have the imprint of my palm heel on my forehead. So now, whenever I see a subtweet, I assume it’s not directed at me. Especially if it isn’t accompanied by “yeah you, you moron”. It’s just easier to sort that way.

I’m also now feeling a bit of apprehension about eating at Olive Garden.

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