Decrease Your Derp-itude:Multitasking

We all have to multitask at times. To quote the great Willy Wonka:

We have so much time and so little to see! Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it.

Multitasking certainly increases the number of things you can get within a certain period of time. It also increases the likelihood of doing something stupid. On any given day, the odds of me doing or saying something that puts my dumbassery on display are pretty high. Throw some multitasking into the mix and those odds start to approach mathematical certainty.

I had just finished a cup of coffee and I stood up from my desk in order to go to the restroom and to refill my coffee cup. Two simple tasks. However, I found myself reaching for my coffee cup when the realization hit me: it would be better to make two trips in this case. My coffee cup isn’t a tumbler with a lid on it. It’s the regular kind of coffee mug that has absolutely no business being carried into a restroom unless the next step is to smash it, burn it, and throw it away. Luckily I stopped short of rendering my coffee cup forever unclean.

So when you multitask, there may be times when it would be better to perform certain tasks consecutively instead of simultaneously. Take a quick second to determine which is the better choice. Otherwise, you may find yourself buying a lot of coffee mugs.

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