Nope, Not Quite

I don’t know if you experience this, but there are several stores in my area with names that people constantly get wrong.  Here are a few:

  • “Barnes & Nobles” instead of Barnes & Noble
  • “JCPenneys” instead of JCPenney
  • Putting “The” in front of names like “The Walmart” or “The Taco Bell”
    • These aren’t exactly one-of-a-kind outlets. There’s one of these located every 350 feet. I don’t know which one you mean. You might as well tell me “that place with walls and a parking lot”.
  • “The Dollar Store”instead of Dollar General  or The Dollar Tree
    • You could be talking about either place, and they’re usually on opposite ends of town. If I’m meeting you there and you just say “The Dollar Store”, I’m going to make you wait a while just on principle.
  • Pronunciation: “KRIS-chul” instead of Krystal (like “crystal” except with a K)
    • This often gets a “The” in front of it too.
    • Krystal is similar to White Castle in case you have those in your area.
    • You can count on getting an intense craving for some Krystal burgers a handful of times a year. Although they do taste great, the ensuing gastric distress will remind you why you don’t eat them more often.

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