A Glimpse Into the Pack-tionary

My friends Mike, Elliott, and I started referring to ourselves as the Jackal Pack several years ago. No, we weren’t forming a “girls are icky” club or anything like that. The name refers to the way we interact. Mike and Elliott are extremely intelligent and absolutely hilarious. There is never a dull moment when the Pack is present!

One of the things we enjoy doing is playing Balderdash. We play it by Jackal Pack rules, though. The real definition is thrown out, everyone makes up a definition, and you vote for which one you think is the funniest. We have actually started keeping a list of our definitions. I would probably be banned, arrested, flogged, and deported for being a public menace if I shared all of them with you. So here are but a few of the entries on the list:

  • BALBRIGGEN – An ill-tempered lesbian
  • BIGGAH – A medium-sized drink at a chicken joint; between “lil damn drink” and “damn dat’s big”
  • BIPENNIS – Being sexually accosted by a drunk seahorse
  • FRITINANCY – Baked goods prepared by a Norwegian man named Carl
  • LAGOTIC – The euphoric state after intercourse with a puma
  • MAWKIN – Inbred, maternal family member
  • PETERSHAM – A quilt made out of Brady Bunch cast members
  • PIBLOCKTO – Erectile dysfunction caused by imbibing too much Mr. Pibb
  • SCHESIS – The chafing that occurs after molesting several penguins
  • SERMUNCLE – To accost a niece or nephew with a plastic plant
  • SKERFER – The act of stealing a good friend’s gold teeth while he’s passed out
  • URBICOLOUS – Ebonic term for “crazy” or “absurd”

See if you can work a few of those into your conversations. Knowledge is power!


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