I Watched This On Purpose – God’s Not Dead 2 Trailer

Here are some thoughts I had while watching it:

  • Isn’t that Sabrina the teenage witch? I bet she’s glad we don’t kill witches anymore.
  • Wow. There are a lot of recognizable actors. Hopefully that means no Duck Dynasty cameos.
  • “What makes nonviolence so radical is its unwavering commitment to a nonviolent approach.” That’s one of the most meaningless, idiotic sentences I’ve ever heard.
  • Ernie Hudson??! NNOOO!! Ghostbusters forever unclean!
  • Whoever wrote this script has no idea what laws are or what the legal system does.
  • Why would anyone be afraid to say a name? Are magic words an actual thing?
  • When did the chorus to that Newsboys song become a protest chant?
  • Oh look. It’s another Newsboys performance of that same song. From 2011. Again.
  • No offense to Michael Tait, but the Newsboys aren’t the Newsboys without Peter Furler singing lead. Take Me To Your Leader was their best album.
  • Beliefs aren’t illegal. Thought crime isn’t a thing that exists. Just like unicorns, leprechauns, and women who like me.
  • Apparently this lawyer guy is disrupting a courtroom and conducting himself in a way that could get him sued for malpractice and disbarred ON PURPOSE because he got upset. Take your meds, man.
  • Besides, Melissa Joan Hart isn’t hot enough to try to impress with career suicide.
  • It’s coming out on April Fool’s Day? There’s gotta be a punchline.
  • There’s no punchline? Well that must be the punchline.
  • The tagline should be “Persecution Complex is About to Hit DEFCON 1”.

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