What Lurks on Channel X

I love skit-based films like Kentucky Fried Movie and Amazon Women on the Moon. This is my homage to them and an expression of my appreciation for randomness. I’m working on more episodes, so stay tuned to Channel X. (I got the name from a Rob Zombie song. He rocks.)

14 Other Possible Meanings of “T.G.I.F.”

  • “The Guinness Is Free.”
  • “Todd’s Going (down) In Flames.”
  • “Take Groceries Inside, Freak!”
  • “Take Grenades – Incendiary (and) Frag.”
  • “The Goal Is Fornication.”
  • “That Goes In (the) Freezer.”
  • “Thoughtless Girls/Guys Incite Frustration.
  • “They Go (for) Idiots Frequently.
  • “Tar (is) Good. Include Feathers.”
  • “Throttle Gary In (the) Face.
  • “The (nitro)Glycerin Is Falling!”
  • “The Germans Invented Fire.”
  • “The Goose Is Frustrated.”
  • “That’s Great. I’m Fucked.”